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Hi guys! to clear up any things that you may be pondering about the above ad ^ (damn ads)

.For Illustrations, depending on the complexity of the piece, for e.g, if multiple characters are involved, I will up the price, $80 is the max
.I am also open for things that I may not have listed above ^ and if inquiring, please email me at for discussions (or Deviantart notes)
.Self portraits of people (either done traditionally or digitally) will rarely ever exceed $20
.Character designs of a front view and side view will come to a super cheap price of $10, unless further rendering or views are required
.Some payments I may ask you to fill out a contract depending on prices (nothing hardcore though, don't worry)

If you're keen, and any of my art is something that would give you a satisfactory piece, email me at for further information in your request, price, 
negotiating, and I shall try my best to give you a satisfactory price we both see fair.

Thank you! :D

Hi everyone!

I have been a little busy with some stuff but do not fear! I have still been able to do some studies and what not to keep me fresh with it. I do hope you forgive me though, I will try and get some things going soon, hopefully, a lot more consistently as well. Thank you for your patience! :)

Hi guys, if any of you are in for some super awesome commissions, some armour designs, characters, even illustrations, you name it!! I will be able to do it for you! just email for details or suggestions and we can go from there. Paypal accepted payments also.
Hey guys! Have been really busy with work lately and have had barely anytime to be able to draw some submissions for DA. Looking forward to being able to do some more personal stuff and submitting again to you guys! :) bare with me :s !
Sorry everyone for not uploading a picture for quite sometime. I've been doing a lot more Art study so I can improve on a lot of my weaknesses (more than what I should have unfortunately :( haha!) but it will hopefully help my illustrations and what not tenfold! thank you for your patience!
Waiting for my wacom to arrive this week, hopefully will be able to do some awesome illustrations with colour! colour study here I come